My research mainly focuses on the legislative process in presidential systems. How presidents and legislators get their jobs done? What shapes the relationship of presidents and their cabinet ministers? Additionally, I am also interested in political economy, with a substantive focus on the influence of multiparty cabinets in government distributive policies. Below, you can find a list of my works on these and other topics.

Peer-reviewed Publications

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Working Papers

MEIRELES, F. (2018). The Distributive Politics of Cabinet Ministers.

MEIRELES, F.; LLOYD, R.; SILVA, V. (2017). Progressive ambition and staggered elections in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies.

MEIRELES, F. (2016). Vantagem dos incumbentes na Câmara dos Deputados.


MEIRELES, F. (2015). Coalizoes sobredimensionadas na America Latina, 1979-2012. M.A. Thesis. Department of Political Science, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.


MEIRELES, F. (2017). Latin American presidents and their oversized government coalitions. Presidential-Power (blog).

MEIRELES, F.; LLOYD, R. (2016). Brazil votes on Sunday for the first time since Rousseff was ousted. What will happen to her party? The Washington Post (Monkey Cage).