get_siconv() is the package's workhorse. It downloads, cleans, and returns one of the several datasets maintained by Plataforma +Brasil on federal targeted transfers in Brazil. Under the hoods, the function handles GET requests, downloads and stores intermediary files, and reads as fast as possible the data to a tibble format convenient for use in analysis.

get_siconv(dataset = NULL, encoding = "UTF-8", cache = TRUE, verbose = TRUE)



A string indicating the dataset to retrieve. Valid options:

  • "programas" -- data on available programs maintained by the Federal Government;

  • "programas_propostas" -- keys to match programs and proposals submitted to the Federal Government;

  • "propostas" -- data on proposals submitted to the Federal Government;

  • "convenios" -- data on proposals effectively accepted situation and amount transferred by the Federal Government;

  • "emendas" -- data on federal budget amendments made by Brazilian Federal Deputies and Senators, amount transferred and the transference recipient;

  • "planos" -- data on application plans submitted to the Federal Government. This document includes all goods, services and works required by the covenant to accomplish the project;

  • "empenhos" -- data on transfers which the Federal Government has reserved its budget to pay the covenant when the project ends;

  • "desembolsos" -- data on transfers disbursements by the Federal Government;

  • "obtv" -- data on payments made to local suppliers and contractors hired to execute funded projects;

  • "historico" -- proposals' track record;

  • "ingresso_contrapartida" -- record of counterpart payments;

  • "aditivos" -- data on contracts' budget addendum;

  • "crono_metas" -- project's goals timeline;

  • "cronogramas" -- project's execution timeline;

  • "consorcios" -- data on proposals where multiple local governments or private entities cooperate to request federal resources;

  • "empenhos_desembolsos" -- keys to match appropriations and disbursements by Federal Government;

  • "proponentes" -- data on proposals' proponents;

  • "cronograma_desembolsos" -- project's transfers disbursements timeline;

  • "justificativas" -- proposals' justifications;

When not specified, dataset defaults to "programas".


Encoding used to read raw files. Defaults to "UTF-8", but users might need to change this option to other valid options (e.g., "latin1") if data are returned with uncommon characters.


Should the function maintain a local copy of the data? To save both time and SICONV's server resources, this defaults to TRUE. Data is stored as a zipfile in the foleer "cache" in the working directory (avoid changing files' names inside this folder).


Should the function display messages and progress bar? Defaults to TRUE.


A tibble contantaining the requested data as defined in the dataset argument. Use the show_schema function to get detailed information on available variables and information.


get_siconv() needs an internet connection to download data in case it does not found a cache folder with raw data from a previous request. Be aware that instability in the Plataforma +Brasil server might produce error messagens, in which case users should try waiting before rerunning their requests.


if (FALSE) df <- get_siconv(dataset = "propostas")