show_schema() downloads, unzips, and show in a web browser Plataforma +Brasil's full database documentation, including its schema and other usefull information. Docs are downloaded to a folder in the working directory.

show_schema(verbose = TRUE, browser = TRUE)



Should the function display messages and progress bar? Defaults to TRUE.


Should the function open a web browser to display the docs? Defaults to TRUE.


show_schema() is most usefull for its side effect of downloading, when needed, and opening Plataforma +Brasil's documentation, but is also silently returns a string containing the path to the docs' index file.


show_schema() needs an internet connection to download data in case it does not found a cache folder with the docs from a previous request. Be aware that instability in the Plataforma +Brasil server might produce error messagens, in which case users should try waiting before rerunning the function.


if (FALSE) show_schema()